Said it before, I hate Mondays.

I’ve invented a new word. It’s only ever going to be relevant to a handful of people, well to be precise just me (and my husband, very, very occasionally).  Drum roll please……….the word is ‘Roo-lag’. I think it should be defined as ‘a physiological condition that affects your ability to function in a pleasant, calm and tolerable manner due to constant sleep disturbance and ridiculously early mornings’. Symptoms include irritability, excessive eating (due to being awake for 20 hours out of of 24), ugly black circles around eyes, self loathing and complete child loathing. Treatment, none found as yet. Clinical trials ongoing but a possible solution could be in the form of a bullet right between the eyes.

I shouldn’t be nasty, it’s not Daisy’s fault but it’s so difficult to be nice when tiredness envelopes every part of me. I think this episode of sleep disturbance is due to a tooth problem. I may be wrong but Daisy has not been eating well for quite a few weeks (hasn’t lost any weight though). She is booked in for an ‘urgent’ tooth examination under GA but that ‘urgent’ request was three weeks ago and as yet there is no sign of a date. Daisy isn’t like any other child. She can’t go to a dentist and just open her mouth for a peek at her pearly whites, no, my bloody child needs a GA for a simple procedure. This will be her third one for tooth examination, it’s horrendous but has to be done. She can’t indicate pain, she can’t tell me if her mouth is throbbing or her throat is hurting. I have to guess by process of elimination. It’s all guess work. Sometimes I get it wrong, mostly I get it right.

She was up at 4.30 today. Breakfast has been served since 5.30. Normally it would be demolished in minutes but today it is sat there, laced with some medication. It remains untouched. Quavers will be offered soon, I’m holding out but inevitably they will be placed on the platter in the hope her appetite may trigger. She doesn’t appear unwell, she’s giving me nasty glares and I’ve had some high pitched screaming from her so I’m now going to attempt to dress her and medicate her, I have a feeling this isn’t going to be easy this morning.

I have to go, she’s just kicked her banquet on the floor. She will be lucky to make it to school……….alive, arghhhhhh! 

One thought on “Said it before, I hate Mondays.

  1. Glad to see you are posting again. Sorry to hear things are so bad, but just remember that your story is incredibly influential the way you are able to cope with such hard conditions.


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