Pacified with a pacifier

Isn’t is ridiculous that a sixteen year old girl has a dummy? What type of rubbish mother allows her teenage daughter to suck away, ten to the dozen, on a ‘da’? The answer, me. Believe me, I’ve tried for years many different ways to rid Daisy of this ugly facial adornment.

The vinegar trick was the first attempt as it had worked with Harvey (on his third birthday, what a treat!) He loved his dummies, hid them all over the house, so the vinegar trick had to be executed as he was now a ‘big boy’. So, here’s what you do:

1.Overnight you soak all visible dummies in a bowl of malt vinegar.

2.Remove delicious vinegar flavoured dummies from vinegar and place around the house

3. Wake your angel from their sleep

4. Explain to them that a fairy has visited in the night and as they are now three years old the time has come to be a big boy (or girl).  A spell has been placed on the dummies and they will no longer like to suck them

5. Your child will laugh in your face and upon finding their first dummy ram it in their chops………then spit it out.

6. After hesitantly testing a few more they realise a spell has been placed and voila, success!

Worked for Harvey a treat. Didn’t work for Daisy. She loved the new flavoured dummies, couldn’t get enough of them, even placing two or three at a time in her mouth.  Obviously, the spell story didn’t work either as I could’ve been talking Russian, she didn’t understand a word.

Over the years Daisy has gone through phases of needing or not needing her dummy.  Always sucked in the night but often daytimes we could get away with hiding them and she would forget she needed one. School used to remove it as soon as she arrived and she would not be given it until home-time however during the last couple of years she has become more reliant again (School even allow it during the day as she is more comfortable with it in class). It’s her comfort. It calms her. It distracts her from other idiosyncrasies……yanking her hair out, strange involuntary mouth movements, chewing her toes (yes, she can!) You see, when Daisy gets upset or frustrated she punches herself in the nose, hard. Faced with a child wanting a dummy or breaking their own nose there’s an easy choice. Her dummy sucking doesn’t bother me. It makes for an easier life. This is not the way it should be but it’s the way it is. She’s sixteen. Of course she shouldn’t need a dummy but she likes it. It’s her vice just like wine is mine so for that reason alone I’m not going to remove that one bit of pleasure for her anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Pacified with a pacifier

  1. Hi there mum, your daughter Daisy is such a sweetheart and very cute I don’t see why she should not have her dummy’s for a long as she want it’s a comfort to her and your a great mum for letting her have them. Now i fully admit to you your daughter is not the only one that loves dummy’s for comfort, i myself am exactly the same way, i still have dummy’s and i love them to bits it’s a big comfort for me just like your own daughter. My mum always use to buy them for me as she did not mind me having them and knew it was my only comfort. I have my dummies durning the day at home and at bed time, not only do i sleep with a dummy but i also sleep with my teddy and have a blankie that rattles. I know i never, ever want to give my dummy’s there so comforting so i know how your lovely daisy feels. These days i use adult sized dummy’s that you can purchase from a website called these are much bigger dummy’s and are made espically for adults you can choose either a silicone teat or latex teat. I prefer latex myself as it’s much more softer then silicone which is quite hard in the mouth plus ive always used latex dummies for many, many years the only difference is i’m 45 years old male. I would really like to meet you and Daisy someday, that would be lovely. Anyway take care both of you and love and hugs to Daisy from me❤️xx
    Dean Hall (a life long dummy sucker).

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