I Hate Noddy!

Noddy had it this morning……….a full on punch in his stupid peach skinned, blue-eyed, silly-hat-with-bell wearing face.  It was him, the wall or Daisy, I chose the sensible option.

My morning had started really well and Daisy was happy to be dressed and nappy-changed. She ate all her breakfast, gave lots of ‘do-be-de-doo’s”, lots of smiles. Then it all went wrong.

I haven’t noted any outbursts recently, (when I say recently I mean a few days) as Daisy has been really happy and content however both school and the respite home have commented on her aggressive out-of-the-blue behaviours where she has ‘attacked’ children and adults alike, no preference, everyones a target when she has one on her!

So, dropping my guard this morning, I drew up her medication into various syringes and armed with the obligatory custard cream biscuit I confidently took aim with the first shot, then,  ‘KAPOW’……I was launched across the room as a rather impressive kick from my precious little donkey caught me unaware. It didn’t half hurt. Peeling myself off the floor I wanted to scream but over the years I have learnt that the only way to win with Daisy is to sing songs to her……..so, after being winded and feeling like crying and Daisy still in need of medication I found myself singing, “Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick…….” I braced myself and took aim again, this time sitting on her left arm to prevent injury to myself – damn her right arm and damn Noddy who was perched within her grasp. The bell on his hat caught me and believe it or not was bloody hard when swung at the speed of light into my face. Furiously I straddled her and with her cheeks between my thighs squirted her medication in then ran……fast.

So, that’s why Noddy had it this morning……..who knows tomorrow it might be Postman Pat and I’ll take pleasure in punching the annoying tw*t if the chance arises.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Noddy!

  1. I think you are the most incredible mother and human being. To have to face this each day and do it with such light heartedness and outward strength when your heart must be breaking unseen makes you my hero. You know this will not go away and yet you face it each day in such a strong, positive way, though there must be many days you wake with a sinking heart before bracing yourself for what may lie ahead.
    Even more incredible is how you’re doing it alone practically all the time with no support or help. How many people still have their child living at home to love and care for them as you do when it is this difficult? Not many. Daisy is the luckiest girl alive and you are so special a person. I’m sure that is why God gave dear Daisy to you to look after for Him. He knew you’d love her unconditionally and would inspire others to be more like you. I wish you all the love in the world and that many good things come your way

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    1. Wow, no one has ever said anything so nice about me……Though I don’t have a lot of choice really, I either care for Daisy to the best of my ability or give her up – this would never be an an option for me, how would I live with myself? Thank you Lorraine, I’m no angel but I try my best.

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