The spirit of Christmas………..

Christmas Eve is here and my little angel is blissfully unaware of what all the fuss is about. Daisy doesn’t know its Christmas tomorrow……..or care! It’s just another day in her groundhog world. Another day of us winding her bloody Fimbles toy until our fingers are sore. Another day of enduring those fecking animals parading through a field on Teletubbies. Another day of feeding, changing, feeding, changing. Another day of just hoping our little cherub will remain in a good mood. Just another day.  But hey, where’s my Christmas spirit (gin my friend, you will be poured copiously as soon as I finish work)

This year I’ve decided to not let all those ‘making memories’ tales on social media piss me off as they regularly do, no, instead I’ll smile (through gritted teeth) at others perfect festivities. I have my own reason to smile and that’s down to something as simple as Daisy being happy (please, if there is a God, let it continue) and that’s all it takes, mind you, if Santa fancies indulging me with a Rolex this year, who am I to stop the Big Man! So, I’m putting a positive spin on this whole Christmas charade as I believe I’m the lucky one so I want to gloat. You see I don’t have the agonising pressures most parents have of getting my teenager the latest ‘fad’, the latest iPhone, the latest designer wear…….oh no, my little princess wants for nothing, and nothing is pretty much what she’s getting this year. So, what’s the latest must-have in our seventeen year old’s stocking I hear you say?, drum roll please ……….. a replacement copy (there’s only one page left in the original) of ‘My First 100 Animal Pictures’! (actually, I’ll have you know it took intensive internet searching to find!). Daisy will be absolutely delighted (I guess?), she will point and moo and meow and quack to her little hearts content and then once I’ve had enough of saying “oh yes, a cow” for the hundreth time, I will hide the bloody book, glug some gin and chuck her a copy of a shredded Argos catalogue to peruse. Simple pleasures……..deep sigh.

So yes, Christmas will come and go just like any other day in our household, the lights are twinkling outside, the candles are flickering inside and the world will think we are celebrating but all we are doing is going through the motions, tomorrow, the next day and the days after remain on repeat, however just for the festive period (okay I lie) I may indulge in an extra tipple to make it seem that little less mundane. Chin chin eveyone and a Merry Christmas to you all x

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