Saved your dad a fortune today!

Daisy is seventeen today. Seventeen.

No car, no handbags, no shoes, no make-up, presents have no meaning, she’s just content with me murdering the ‘happy birthday’ tune over and over and over again……..since 4.25am!

She’s full of gummy smiles but oblivious to the fact it’s her special day. She will be showered with my attention and I will do my best not to be irritated if she won’t let me change her nappy, brush her hair, dress her, feed her (hang on, that’s not gonna happen, her mouth has been in ‘feed me’ pose for a good hour!) Daisy will actually get to eat chocolate this morning as I will willingly open the chocolate buttons she always hands me in the morning, (usually they get put behind my back, then out of sight, she’s forgotten about them), this morning I will open them, you see that is all she needs to make her smile.

Today, for this incredible pain in the backside, it is just another Groundhog Day and for me, as with every year, it’s that sad stark reminder of the girl she should have grown into, the girl I should have shared so much with, but it didn’t happen, she’s stuck, un-fixable.

I’m going to try to be more up-beat today, stop beating myself up. I can’t change her, I can’t make her something she can never be. I will celebrate the years of joy she has given us (nose growing), I will also break a weekday habit and raise a few glasses of fizz later in her honour (nose now incredibly long).

So “Happy Birthday Roo”, you will most definitely be the death of me but you really are my world, not just mine, you’ve cast your spell on the three of us and we will love you forever.

Mummy, Daddy and Harv xxx

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