Next choice of sedative………. a hammer!

It’s now day 9 of what feels like a prison sentence. The last few days have been horrendous. Each day Daisy has not been able to settle day or night, waking for good at 1am, wandering up and down the stairs, unable to sit still, constantly punching her head, throat and nose unimaginably hard and relentlessly pointing to blank walls whilst groaning and whining. This has been without doubt one of the worst periods of post ictal activity EVER, and we have been through many.

Yesterday afternoon I went to collect my hubby from the airport, he was coming home, Yippee, help at last and someone sane (ish) to talk to. I thought the drive would calm Daisy so in the back of the car she was strapped (I chose the back as I didn’t want her to distract me with her continual punching) and off we went on our relatively short journey. OMG, 5 minutes into the trip, just as I joined the motorway she chose her moment ……… to strip. All I can say is thank goodness I have tinted rear windows. Daisy in her confused state managed to get trapped in her own dress, all I could see in the rear view mirror was her head and body hidden in a polka dot dress, arms in the air. She was getting very, very agitated, she wasn’t the only one. I was stretching backwards whilst trying to steer in a straight line, to try to help her un-trap herself but I couldn’t quite reach, then all of a sudden RRRRIIIIIPPPPP, off came the dress, now resembling a rag. She had built up quite a sweat and was quiet for the next leg of the journey but not before she she had removed her vest with relative ease and had decided her shoe would be best placed to join me in the front striking the windscreen en route. We arrived, in one piece, and whilst waiting for my knight in shining armor (said in jest) to appear I just took a moment to sit and look at Daisy in the mirror, naked, envious boobies on display, pointing to the headrest and mooing, how is this happening to me, us?

I was hopeful, having spoken to her consultant in the afternoon, that by increasing a hypnotic drug (chloral hydrate) to a dose that would knock a horse out, that we would enjoy a silent night, no wakings, no bed rail rattling, just silence. Giving the drug posed it’s own problems, prescribers never consider this, how do give large amounts just before bed, along with other drugs and try to dilute it to lessen the awful side effects, in short, nearly impossible but impossible isn’t a word I use so off to battle armed with four 20ml syringes I went, I won.

Daisy woke five times between 7 and 12 then 1.15am, yep, she was awake for yet another day of torture.

Daisy 1, medication 0.

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