Bloody cappuccino…….

So, day 5 of our current nightmare.

Daisy was given so much medication last night I’m amazed she woke up! 4am was her lie-in over with and I was relieved that I’d gone to bed before 8pm. It’s hard to believe that I’m actually happy with her waking so early but after three days of being up at 1am, 4am felt like half the day had gone.

Today has been mixed. She was beyond manic for the first three hours, jumping on bed, sofa……..not unusual you might think but Daisy is a 98kg 16 year old! She was laughing hysterically at nothing, punching her head, throat and nose and running, stripping, throwing anything she could get her hands on and continually ripping any nappy I dared to put on her. This did cause me a big problem as she took the opportunity to poop on her clean bedding and then run around upstairs, I’ll spare the details.


After the bath she calmed for a bit until there was a knock on the door. A guy came to do a report on our kitchen, long story. Out came her horns and I have to say I did chuckle to myself when she ‘charged’ full pace at this poor 6’2″ 20 stone man, he looked terrified! He was a great source of interest for Daisy and I’m sure he made up all the measurements as he was gone in a flash. Flash……….yes she did!

As I’m slowly going mad with my own company I thought I’d take her for a drive, go for a walk and get a Starbucks. Mistake. Queuing at the drive thru she suddenly took a turn for the worse. She went bluey grey, started trembling and then continuously punched her nose incredibly hard, it was like a bloodbath. I was trying to clean her nose and calm her shaking just as my cappuccino appeared through the window. I reached over with blood on my hands, apologizing I asked for a serviette and just grinned at the poor guy, who knows what he thought, probably took my registration and has reported me as we speak.

I abandoned all hopes of wheeling her round the barrage and drove home.

She has now settled again and thanks to good old MacDonalds has eaten for the first time in five days which means I can also give her ibuprofen for what must be a very sore snout.

I have no idea how long this phase will last, it will end………probably just in time for her dads return on Saturday!

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