She sleeps………

I was woken at 4.45am by the awful sounds of Daisy suffering a seizure. I bolted out of bed and she was face down into her pillow, blue lips, gulping for air. I dropped the bed rail, straddled her and pushed the pillow deep into the bed so that I could remove the dummy and let her get some air. It lasted about three minutes but felt much longer. I lay next to her and fell back to sleep.

5.50am it started all over again. This time the seizure seemed much longer but probably wasn’t however the shaking and groaning was very alarming. I held her hand and watched her.

9.05am I decide to administer emergency medication to halt this next seizure. She sleeps.

10.30am, you get the picture……….

We are now on the fifth seizure and each one has increased in intensity. It’s 2.35pm and Daisy hasn’t woken yet. I’ve tried to rouse her by talking and singing (that’s enough to rouse anyone!) but she doesn’t want to join the world today.

I’m hopeful there will be no more, I can only give one more dose of emergency medication so I am praying to a God I don’t believe in that she will wake soon and ask for yum yum. I fear it’s going to be a long day and night but I know she will recover, she always does, this time it might take a little longer but she will soon be driving me to distraction once again, of that I can be sure.

So, I’m sitting next to her on her bed, with a hot water bottle on the base of my spine (a back ache as a result of trying to change her nappy) ordering clothes I don’t need and reading stories regarding epilepsy that I shouldn’t be reading. Life was never meant to be like this. Today it sucks.

One thought on “She sleeps………

  1. Awww…am always thinking of you all hunext. . ..give Doobys a big kiss and cwtch from me…don’t forget I’m here if you ever need any help with anything…big cwtches to you too hun xxx


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