Sweet Sixteen

Tomorrow Daisy reaches a milestone in her life, it’s her sixteenth birthday.

May 9th 2001 I had so many dreams for my new gorgeous baby girl. Those dreams have never materialised and never will.  Instead when out shopping for a suitable present today I have been struggling, as I do every year, to come to terms with her condition.

Tomorrow, Daisy will not tear open her presents with excitement, blow out candles on her cake, laugh and giggle as friends visit to share her special day. She won’t have girlfriends over for a sleep-over, get the giggles after one glass of champagne or sneak kisses with a boyfriend. No, tomorrow for Daisy it’s just another day but I will do my utmost to make it special for her.

Tomorrow I will celebrate her 16th. I will open her presents for her and clap hands until my palms are sore. I will feed her cake and crisps and chocolate until she can eat no more (I might be feeding her for a good while on that one!) and I will give her all my attention all of the time for this is the least I can do.

Daisy has changed our lives but we need to celebrate and thank her tomorrow.  There have been so many low points in the last sixteen years, unbearably difficult and painful, but set against that have been so many unexpected highs. She’s funny, unpredictable, adorable, cheeky and she has enriched our lives. Yes, without her our lives would have been so different, so much easier but in truth, so much poorer.

So I’m wishing Daisy the happiest of days for tomorrow………mummy’s gorgeous, special little girl.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Awww this is all so beautiful. I know it’s a lot to take on but this blog alone shows that you’re doing such a great job at it. I wish you guys love, light and happiness forever. Lots of love


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