Rule the World

I should be happy right now as I’m off on a girly ‘cultured’ weekend to Amsterdam in the morning, can’t wait. I’ve packed my case, painted my nails, had a ‘few’ relaxing glasses of wine, so why am I feeling crap? Why have I cried for most of the evening?  It could be the fact I miss my husband and son……I do, I really do. It could be that I’m lonely, I am, but the biggest reason is that I have left Daisy at a hospice and that aches my heart. The hospice is the most wonderful, amazing, caring and friendly respite facility I could ever dream of sending Daisy to however the fact remains it’s a hospice and that means it is for children who are life limited. This I struggle with.

Daisy was being treated like a princess when I left her. She was soaking up the attention and loving every moment. She didn’t care when I said goodbye, didn’t turn to watch me leave, didn’t understand.

When I drove the half hour drive home this evening I cried a river……..bloody ridiculous isn’t it. I blame Gary Barlow – no, unfortunately he wasn’t in the car with me at the time but he was singing a particular song on the radio ‘Rule the World’ which always starts me off. I hope no-one noticed my blubbering as I must have looked a right state behind the wheel.

I know Daisy will have a fabulous weekend, she deserves to smile and giggle and fall about in fits of laughter – actually, that’s an inappropriate term to use for Daisy as she  is an epileptic, so lets just wish for lots of laughs!!

Me, I’ll be fine in the morning………look out Amsterdam!


Yeah, you and me, we can ride on a star

If you stay with me, girl

We can rule the world

Yeah, you and me, we can light up the sky

If you stay by my side

We can rule the world 




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