Armless trip to the shop

Crap afternoon followed by a crap night and now it is precisely 4.42am, I am sitting in the kitchen, Daisy is scoffing a banquet of offerings, bedding is having that pleasant smell of urine removed in the washer, I have very strong spoon bending coffee and bloody Dora the Explorer is chirping away……..If I ever meet her I’ll stick that backpack……

Anyhow, Daisy had a lovely day yesterday spending time in a sensory room then visiting a park, horses, swing, so thinking she would be nice and calm I took the decision to nip to M&S to get some currency for a little trip whilst Daisy is at Ty Hafan next weekend.  Daisy doesn’t ‘do’ shops so this wasn’t a decision I took lightly but as I was only running in I thought she would be fine.  I parked in a great disabled spot  (one benefit of Roo) right outside the doors and did wonder if I should leave her in the car however my sensible head got the better of me and so I strapped her into her wheelchair.

We were on a mission, whizzing through the pensioners (there must have been a coach trip), dawdlers and chatters…………..  I then made a terrible error of judgement……I stupidly tried to manoeuvre the wheelchair through an aisle that was not made for ‘wide’ chairs.  Socks one side, a display of schoolchildren in an array of school uniforms the other.  I wasn’t anticipating Daisy would decide to stick her leg out at right angles at the sight of the mannequins.  We came to an abrupt stop.  Daisy wasn’t happy that I’d nearly removed her right limb so took her distress out on the poor schoolboy to the left of her, completely removing his arm from its socket……it dangled in his jumper and as I was trying to ‘pop it back in’ she grabbed a rack of socks.  She had a couple of five packs in her mouth whilst the metal rack crashed to the floor.  It was at this point a lovely lady from M&S rushed over.  “Are you ok”, she gasped, “Oh my god, is she OK” she exclaimed.  I feigned shock, pretended to check Daisy over and assured her that Daisy would be fine and that the wheelchair must have clipped the shelving.  The lady apologised to me! Asking if there was anything she could do to help!  I was going to suggest shoot Daisy but just smiled and said don’t worry, it’s fine.

We left.  I didn’t get my currency.

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